Abby Bozarth

Fiddle: Abby joined Kilkenny Road in Nov 2010 to play fiddle on an "as available" basis. Even though Abby keeps a busy schedule playing in another band, she frequently joins us as our special guest, bringing an impressive addition to our sound.
Abby loves high energy tunes. We always look forward to playing a hard driving version of our favorite tunes when Abby is on board.

Abby began playing the piano at age eight until she was introduced to the violin in the sixth grade orchestra. The piano was quickly forgotten. Under the tutelage of Rick Morton she played bluegrass in her family band, the Peachpits. In college she was introduced to and became fascinated with the art of Celtic fiddling, however she didn't get to dive in until she met the Vintage Wildflowers in 2009. She also plays around with mandolin, guitar, bass and harmony vocals.

Abby plays a "Bradivarius" fiddle made by Brad Higgins.