Alicia Christensen

Alcia was part of Kilkenny Road from February 2009 to July 2009, until moving to Tucson, AZ in August 2009.
We are proud of her contributions to the band and would like to leave her former bio intact as it was when she joined the band:

February 2009: Kilkenny Road is pleased to anounce the addition of Alicia Christensen to the band. Alicia brings the band "up a notch" with her flute and whistle playing. It is always a pleasant thing in Celtic music to hear the flute and the fiddle "chasing" each other around a tune!
As an added bonus, Alicia can sing! As a result, Kilkenny Road has a few vocals to add to their sets. We believe Alicia has captured the true heart of the music in her style and her voice.

Alicia's Bio:
Alicia Christensen grew up in Bartlesville, OK.
Her family has always been musical and she's been playing the flute since she was 10 years old. Her freshman year in college her older brother "forced" her to audition to be in an international folk music group. And she's been playing and singing folk music ever since.
Alicia finished her Bachelor and Master of Music degrees at Brigham Young University, with emphasis in classical flute performance.
"Irish music has been a real outlet for me through the years. I love classical music and I can't imagine my life without it. But, playing Irish music gives you a totally different way of connecting with an audience. It's like there's energy going both directions, from the performers and from the audience. It's great!"

In the summer of 2008, Alicia had the opportunity to travel to Ireland to study traditional Irish music for two weeks at the University of Limerick at the Blas festival. There she heard and worked with many of today's top Irish musicians, including Conal O'Grada, Niall Keegan and Karan Casey, among others. "It was wonderful to be surrounded by Ireland and its music for two whole weeks."

Alica plays a Brannen Millennium Flute, with an Abell Simple-System headjoint.