Emily Elkins

I was born and raised in Bartlesville, OK. I started playing the piano when I was six and loved it. When I was twelve I decided to learn the flute and join the school band. I continued playing music throughout high school and when Pittsburg State University offered me a music scholarship I went there to study music for the next four years in college. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to play in a variety of ensembles including the SEK Symphony, Pittsburg State University Wind Ensemble, chamber groups, and most recently the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra.
In 2009, Kilkenny Road asked me to play with them and it’s been a blast ever since. Playing Celtic music is a new challenge for me as I get the opportunity to learn to play several different types of whistles, styles of music, and learn to rely on playing more by ear than what is written on the page. I’m proud to get to play with such an enthusiastic group of people and be considered a part of their “band family”. I hope everyone who listens has as much fun as we have playing together!

I play a Burkart-Phelan custom flute and a variety of different keyed whistles. My most prominent whistle is a Tony Dixon alloy whistle in the key of D, but I also play a Susato C, Generation B flat, and and Sindt A whistle.