Leanna Elkins

Vocals: Leanna started singing with Kilkenny Road in the spring of 2010. We are happy to have her talented contribution, with a sound that could easily be mistaken for the Irish singer/songwriter Kate Rusby.

Leanna was born in Bartlesville, OK and is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting at Oklahoma State University. As part of a musical family with two older siblings who have pursued instrumental music, Leanna has instead developed a passion for vocal music. She first started taking voice lessons at age 11, and has been a Choir student since starting junior high. Leanna has been in the Bartlesville Children’s Choir, and has performed in various local musical theatre productions, as well as having the honor of being in District Honor Choir and All State Choir for five consecutive years.

Leanna says: "Irish music is very different from anything I’ve ever performed, and I love it. The music is much more free and gives room to interpret how it could be sung. Kilkenny Road has really opened me up to new and different styles of music, and it’s an honor to be able to perform with such a great group of people."

Photo by Nikki Webster