Wayne Kahre

Photography by Laurel Trumble

Wayne Kahre has lived most of his life in the Wann, Oklahoma area. A few years ago he moved to nearby Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Wayne's hard-driving fiddle adds a unique voice to Kilkenny Road's music. His desire for the music is unequalled among all but the most devout of his instrument. He is versatile in a variety of musical styles, including Bluegrass, but Irish music is his deepest passion.

Wayne started playing fiddle when he was 28 years old, after having played guitar for several years before that. He borrowed a fiddle from an aunt and that is when he decided that he really wanted to play the fiddle. Over the next few years he taught himself how to play the fiddle, mainly playing bluegrass in northeast Oklahoma.

Wayne says "I always liked everything about the Irish culture since I was young. Later in life I found out that I had a strong Irish heritage. I have been to Ireland twice and played in several Pubs. In 1999, I went to an acoustic jam session in Bartlesville that played Celtic music, and this is where I got involved in Irish music and met the guys that now form Kilkenny Road Band."

Wayne owns several fiddles and a Collings dreadnaught guitar. His primary fiddle for playing Irish music was made by Floyd White of Floyd's Fiddle Shop in Dewey, OK.